Heat Treatment

Authorized to treat and certify pallets for international shipment, CLM owns and operates our own kiln to assist customers with regulatory compliance. Pallets or dunnage delivered to our plant typically receive ISPM-15 compliant heat-treatment and stamping, as well as certification, within 24 hours. CLM can also arrange to pick up pallets at your warehouse and return them once they have been treated and certified.

Biofuel, Mulch & Animal Bedding

At CLM, we recognize the importance of managing our industry’s environmental impact. Recycling is not a part of our business – it is our business, which enables us to help our customers achieve their recycling goals.

Our Recycling Products Include:

  • Wood fuel – Our warehouse-stored pallets have very low moisture content, perfect for the production of fuel for use in boilers and other wood-fueled appliances.
  •  Economy mulch – Comprised of ground lumber material, this product can be used for wood fuel, livestock bedding or as an inexpensive mulch.

You can be confident that the pallets and wood waste sent to CLM will be recycled, as we have done with millions of pounds of wood waste every month that otherwise might have gone to community landfills. Contact us today to find out how we can help you meet your company’s environmental objectives.

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